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About Us

Every great idea starts with a dream. And the dream started in 2013.

My name is Olivier.Camara. I'm originally from Ivory Coast and living in Toronto.

I knew I had to launch my own company. But what? I had no clue until I received a nice African black soap from Ghana in 2013. After many researches on Internet, Youtube and reading a book, I made my first soap. I was so excited like a little boy in a toy shop.

In November 2014, Farafina Cosmetics was officially registered. And we launched our website in January 2016 in order to reach the maximum of people because we don’t have a physical store where customers can see our 100% natural products.

Why the name Farafina? Farafina means Africa and because the main ingredients -Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter - come from Africa, So, I decided to call the Company Farafina Cosmetics for the same reason.

Farafina Cosmetics Is a young Canadian company located in Toronto. At Farafina Cosmetics, we only believe in 100% natural ingredients. If you are looking for 100% natural Body Soaps and Body Butter, you are at the right place. Don’t hesitate to try our products, you'll be satisfied.